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[SOLVED] Editing Fields in Author Pane

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Good afternoon!

I'm trying to figure out how I can edit the appearance of the author pane within forum posts in 4.3.  Specifically, as a default setting, the "Interests" field from the user profile appears there, and I'd like to make that go away.  Some people fill that box with more text than the majority of the forum posts, which makes display a little interesting.  I just can't figure out where to specify what should appear in this pane.  (Screenshot for reference below.)

I'd greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction.




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You want to make the "Interests" Part, disappear from the Author Pane?

You'd need to go the profile fields area of the ACP, and find Interests, click edit and wipe out everything in 'Display Format' (Cut it and paste it to a text document to test it of course), as far as I am aware. 


I used the ACP Search feature to find "Profile Fields" but you can find it via Members > Member Settings > Profiles and it should be the first tab. 

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