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Google News Format Sitemap for Pages


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In order to be properly included in Google News, Google requires a slightly modified sitemap.

One limitation is that the sitemap only include articles from the past 2 days.  It must also not create a new sitemap for each update, but instead update the previous one.

Google adds a couple of extra tags that should be fields from the database. These should be selectable by the webmaster.

This plug-in/app should allow for the selection of only certain article categories to be included in the sitemap.

I am willing to be a tester as well as pay the purchase price of such an app. 


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Google News sitemap is a standard sitemap format with some additional requirements.  I am looking for a plug-in that will generate this sitemap for the IPS Pages application and Blog application.  The sitemap should update every time a new article is posted must only include articles published in the last 2 days. Older articles should be pruned from the sitemap.

Webmasters are not allowed to include advertisement posts in Google News. Thus, selecting categories in Pages are included in the sitemap would be essential. Ability to set the <news:genre> tag by category would be ideal.

<news:keywords> should map to Meta Keywords from Pages, Not sure how to do with with Blog

 Generally list all the tags that the sitemap can have (genre, stock quotes, etc) and have the webmaster set those tags to a specific field in their database with the ability to toggle off if not needed.

Additional required tags:

<publication> - This would be the name of the website.

<publication_date> - The publish date of the article or blog

<title> - Title of the article or blog entry

All of the reference is available here. https://support.google.com/news/publisher-center/answer/74288?hl=en

All that said, Pages is very much the priority. If you don't think this will work for Blog, don't worry about it. 

Thank you.

You can email me directly at drew.dowdell at cheersandgears.com

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