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Inconsistent limits in Topic title


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Hi there,

Here on Invision Community it seems you can have a very long topic title if you hold down your mouse button on the topic title, it will truncate to around 250 characters.


But if you then edit the post and try to save it, you get a 60 character limit error:


I'm not sure if this is a bug or not.


Also, I could not find a way to make this pop-up (it's very nice!) appear in normal circumstances. Because the max text limit of the title field is 60 characters, it only overflowed when I did the very long topic title before reaching the edit screen.


If it is <60 characters you will never see this overlay. (maybe it's for the main editor?)

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I've taken a look at this and it appears to be a bug, so I'll address for an upcoming maintenance release.

As for your last part/screenshot, however, what's happening is a max-length attribute is set on the input field. If the value of the field is greater than the limit set in the AdminCP, then you will see the warning you copied in your screenshot, however if the title is shorter than the max length when the form loads you actually can't enter more characters than is allowed, which is why that warning/error never shows up. 

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The feedback forum isn't really the best place to report a bug. ? I just happened to stumble across this topic yesterday, but there's no guarantee anyone will. We always recommend submitting tickets to report bugs (unless we are in an alpha/beta testing phase and our bug tracker is open).

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