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Signature - unable to retrieve image dimensions (Imgur / Tinypic)


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Hi there,

Has anyone else noticed this?

We have a signature image size restriction of 800x200px

But when using "Insert image from URL" to insert an Imgur image into the signature, the image appears into the Editor but upon clicking Save, we get this error:


It seems IPS cannot retrieve the image dimensions from Imgur URLs with the image proxy enabled. Tried with various different Imgur URLs.

If I try from other non-Imgur websites, the images load fine.

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A number of people on my site are complaining about this too. It even doesn't like links from our own Gallery either. 

@bfarber A site administrator can edit it, but the user themselves can't seem to, if there is a limit... I don't know if that helps in reproducing the bug. Would you want me to submit a ticket too?

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