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Search changes - options to revert back


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Prior to 4.3, the search bar defaulted to relatively intelligent defaults, it searched a post you were viewing, or articles if you were looking at the article database, but now it always defaults to EVERYTHING, so users have to click 2 extra times, each time they search, to narrow things down. Compounding this, the user's preferences can't be saved so that searching in the article areas always searches only for articles, etc.

I understand the idea was that you would get more results by defaulting the search to everywhere, all the time, but now my users get loads of calendar events stacked on top of things if they don't customize their search each time they perform one, so they're mad as one would expect. 

Unfortunately, there is no option to control this. A default setting in the platform was changed, but as far as I can see, NO method of reverting to the previous functionality was left in. I'm sure that filing this as a bug would just bounce back as Works as Designed, so I'll just request the ability to set the default search per-page or at the very least, remember the users last search preference for a given area.

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