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Identify the bug on ShowTemplate templateTree


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when try to show a template into Customization > themes module > forums > front > topics > topic I see:


instead on development of plugin theme hook \IPS\Theme\class_forums_front_topics




Note: the selector cTopic is broken when try to select it, it is not selectable.

I have send a ticket about but them suggest me to ask here ?

Anyone have same issue on developer mode enabled?

PS: the image was taken on but i have tested it on 4.3.1 yesterday :wacko:

EDIT: check also called template like:

  • applications/core/dev/html/admin/applications/themeHookEditorTree.phtml

and method like:

  • \IPS\core\modules\admin\applications\plugins::templateTree

for see what could be wrong.

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What's the ticket number?

Sometimes certain 'special' codes confuse the template selector, but that has largely been addressed and instances of that should be pretty rare these days. I would assume if people were generally having trouble with the 'topic' template we'd be hearing about that, since it's a common template to hook into.

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