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More Tags System Updates


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Hi all, I'd like to make a few more suggestions for the tagging system:

  1. A list of tags which can be selected and automatically input into the tags field, similar to this enhanced tags system by newbieLAC.
  2. Require tags expanded setting. What I mean by this I suppose would be a semi-closed system. IE: Require one of the tags from this one group, otherwise open tagging. For communities where you have mixed content, and a way to filter out content folks don't want to see (We have content marked as general audience, mature, and adult in the Gallery, with an enhanced tagging system that allows members to hide content with Tags they don't want to see), something like this would be extremely helpful. So not quite a "closed" system, but at least require one of the tags that was defined with the system. Semi-closed perhaps?

I think that's it from me, anyone else?

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