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Some useful things trade, virtual shop, signatures, ticket


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Some useful things for trade / virtual shop / signatures / ticket support:

1 - To be able to choose the method of payment that I can leave visible for each country. For example: Paypal only who is from Mexico can see.

2 - Can let products from the store be viewed only for members of a certain country. Example: Polo shirt only Members of Mexico can see in store.
Social Shirt Only Members of Canada can see in store.

3 - To be able to choose the currency by the country and not by the language.
Example: United States can only see and use USD currencies.
China can only see and use euro coins.

4 - To be able to choose only one payment category available for a certain category of members.
For example: Only VIP members can see the paypal payment method for a subscription and for a product.

5 - Discount for various types of payment for the same product.
Example: Member pays the product in paypal and will pay 109.90.
Member paid by bank deposit will pay 99.90 the same product. But the discount will be given at the time of finalizing the payment and also the discount is informed in the product in the virtual store.

6 - Associate paid downloads with subscriptions or products from stores.
For example: Member has a vip subscription, he will not pay for 5 categories of paid downloads that I select.
If the member has no signature and should pay normally for the paid downloads I choose.

7 - The member can fill in some mandatory fields before making a signature so nowadays we can choose mandatory fields in products in the virtual store.
For example member that a vip subscription, he must fill out before signing the phone fields, full name, address, website, facebook, why he wants to subscribe, etc.

8 - You could leave the TITLE and Obeservation ticket field optional for us, because when we create persized fields these 2 fields become useless, or we should be able to rename the TITLE field and note ticket support.
Example: Power rename the title to "Field name of doubt" and "remark" cell phone, identity, etc.

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