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Can't install 4.3.1 on WAMP localhost

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I have WAMP installed and up and running no problem.  I've copied the IPB files across, made the database and user via phpMyAdmin, but when I access my localhost (not install I get the following error:

Access denied for user 'XXXX'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

No matter whether or not I use a password, or use "root" or a custom name, I get "Access denied."  I even tried copying across a conf_global.php from my online site (changing values where necessary), but nothing seems to work.

I've double-checked privileges, DB username and password.  If I wipe the conf_global.php file completely I get:

IPS\Db\Exception: Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO) (1045)

And about 10 lines of info code.

I assume I'm missing something relatively straightforward...any help? 

Thanks in advance!

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You are sure you changed everything in conf_global.php (url, database name, phpmyadmin username and password) ?

In phpmyadmin did you set privilegies for correct database, then restart server (WAMPP) ?

You do not have .htaccess file in your ipbfiles do you ?

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Thanks for the reply @steve00.  I doublechecked the DB name, my login ID and password, made sure I had all privileges and added my username to the DB I'm using.  Changed the port from 3306 to 3307 (for MariaDB).  Changed the URL to "c:\wamp64\www\[hostname]".  And no .htaccess files to be seen (making sure my Windows view includes system files).

I was actually under the impression that I didn't need to copy across a conf_global and that it was created by the system when I initialized the install.  But it's been a while since I had to install IPB so I can't remember.  Anyway, the only thing I can think of is this line:

'sql_socket' => '/var/tmp/mysql.sock',

which I have no idea what to do with.  I figured that since WAMP obviously includes Apache this may be parsed to a default value or something?  But I took this out and it doesn't help.

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No idea if that is how WAMPP does it but in XAMPP we use

'base_url' => 'http://localhost/forum/',

obviously substitute forum for the folder you are using



reason I mentioned conf_global.php is because you said you were copying files across not a fresh install ... if a fresh install then yes, ignore copying over conf_global.php and run install

not sure why have to change port number as I have the following (this is XAMPP remember so perhaps WAMPP is different but could try with the following):

  'sql_host' => 'localhost',
  'sql_database' => 'forum',
  'sql_port' => 3306,
  'sql_socket' => 'MySQL',


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I use WAMP locally without issue.

Does your database require a username and password (by default WAMP has a 'root' user for mysql with no password)? If so, the error is indicating no password was supplied, which sounds like a bug in an older beta release. IOW, make sure you're using the latest set of files.

The install routine will create the conf_global.php for you (or, rather, it renames the default ".dist" file which is empty).

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