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4.7 is mostly a nothing burger internally. Some rejiggering for CIC stuff, bugs stomped, etc. so this is probably perfectly fine as is. I'll have to resubmit to get it flagged up for 4.7 though. A lot of us are taking our time with this release; mainly since there is no reason for any of our things to be broken.

I'll poke it tonight and report back.

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4 hours ago, EmpireKicking said:

this is not really needed anymore and I was thinking removing this addon

All the plugin has done for a few years now is just touch up some areas that were overlooked (and that word is probably too harsh - not every area/thing has a need for a formattable name so this is more of an enhancement rather than a fix thing).

To those not on the ball, all the junk will be at allastronauts.com when I turn the lights on. Until then you can enjoy viewing spectacular computing ability, albeit in repetitive GIF form, courtesy of the Legion of Doom.

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