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Group Colors on User Links

All Astronauts

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12 minutes ago, Dean_ said:

but I guess people do

Oh yeah... Often used as flags for club permissions, as pseudo-badges/rewards (donated x-amount, volunteer status, and on and on...)

It would be a big mess of lists and sorted/ordered options - the lists and options all being groups. And even then, would still need to account for all this in the templates.

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@All Astronauts

I've just upgraded to 4.0.1 here.

The setting says: 


Applies the group formatting to usernames anywhere they are shown, unless the user's group name is also shown which will be formatted instead

Meaning that if in the same context the usergroup is already colored, the username won't be colored... See below how "Administradores" is in red, but my name isn't. Our staff would like to see their names also in the same color. Any chance of you changing this via this plugin? Thanks.



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@All Astronauts Yep, Global set here. @Daniel Simoes Thanks. We do have the version 14 installed. We have several other plugins installed, so I think there is another plugin conflicting with this one. I will debug this later today. Thanks for the link, I could see that it is working fine at your forums. Valeu!

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Hi, I have lost colored names in certain places over a night, has something changed recently? I'm on IPB 4.4.1. It was working fine yesterday.

Missing colored user links are on: ChatBox application, in a thread, Who's Online. This is what I 've noticed, maybe there is more

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So, here's the deal. My plugin, v14, ONLY has a single hook, and it's on topic view. That's it. So it's not this plugin, and..., the widget is fine on my local dev and live sites.

But I looked, and am puzzled - I can't see why it's not working for you, at least the widget. As for the chatbox app I would need to see how they are pushing through the member names - I can't get that without seeing the code (it's not in the templates - it's an ajaxed code push). 

However - you can see that the activity feed is also not formatting with the global setting set to on. This, and the other bits, tends to indicate something else is going on.

Hit the support tool, something isn't working, and apply the patch (there is one avail for you), maybe that clears stuff up.

After that if it's not working,put in a support request, seriously, that's what IPS is there for.

BTW, that Member Country plugin I believe is filling up your system log with errors - may wish to contact the author about those.

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