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Prefix's on a forum?


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Hi guys,

I was wondering if it's possible for users to select from pre-defined tags. In my case, I am making an Operating System forum and want the prefix choices to be Windows, MacOS, Linux, Other. Is this possible? If so... how?

Thank you!

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8 hours ago, opentype said:
  1. Turn on tags in the site’s posting settings. 
  2. Enable Prefixes
  3. Set tagging mode to “closed”
  4. Add your “defined tags”. 

Those are all global settings – not forum settings. 

Hi opentype,

Appreciate your response. Is there anyway to set forum specific prefixes? No marketplace add-on?

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6 minutes ago, Ryan H. said:

It's been a while since I've dealt with it, but it seems to me what you're trying to do should be possible with the core, out of box. If not, yes, AT&P definitely allows it.

I appreciate your response and will definitely take a look at your plugin. Thank you

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@Agent Shark to piggy-back here. Yes, what your asking for is capable in the core. However, @Ryan H.'s app allows for further customization (such as limitations on who can use which prefixes and coloring options for said prefixes) that make his application totally worth it. The only caveat I have is that, in its present form, it is not compatible with 4.3.2. Ryan will have to update the application (which I'm sure he's already working on ? ) before I would recommend using it with a 4.3 board at this time.

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