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Some signs of improvements at last

Steve Bullman

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Been quite a stressful year for me with moving to IPS.  I was warned I would expect a drop in google ranking/listings, I just didn't realise quite how bad it would be.  I have pestered IPS support numerous times with my concerns and am pretty sure they are tired of me by now :).The good news is we seem to have turned a corner.  End of July was when we converted and other than a massive spike(due to an article going semi-viral) the site on the whole went into steady decline reaching levels the site was at about 9 years ago.  You can see we came out of that a little during december, levelled off for a while, but now are on a very positive upward trend which i'm hoping continues to ultimately exceed where the site was at its peak 3-4 years ago.

Looking forward to moving to 3.1 as i'm told there are further SEO improvements still.



Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 16.29.47.png

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