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Major 4.3 bug - calendar - non-summer months week & day view


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Hi all

There seems to be on my sites and others an issue with non-summer time dates in the week view and day view both in the past and future

I reported this issue regarding v4,3 calendar via ticket about 5 days ago

Despite passing on real world examples of this from owna nd other 4.3 invision sites I have had no joy with support in getting this resolved

Can anyone who is running 4.3 and calendars help try and get this resolved by going to the url on their site as below



and confirm that they do see 28 Mar as the day displayed instead of 1st March ?

that at least will either confirm that there may be  an issue beyond the 4 (2 not mine) sites I have tested




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bug report simplified

invision calendar 4,3,1  displays 01 Jan 2019 as falling on a Wednesday when it falls on a Tuesday

example  using ehrens public demo site


to temporary fix

replace 4.3.1 applications/calendar/sources/sources/date/date.php with the 4.29 version

01 Jan 2019 then displays as falling on the correct day a Tuesday!


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I am having the same issues.

The date is on the wrong day ?

Also filled out a support ticket, I am on the cloud instance so I am not able te place the php so easily.
Another thing I noticed is when going to the calender on my website is shows last week instead of this week... 
Things seems to be messed up.

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