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[Solved] Emails on Registration Not Being Sent?

Pupper Puppet

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Morning all!

I have the forum set to email the inbound address when a registration is ready for approval.  By my read of things, since I have it set to require both email validation and admin approval, I should be getting that email as soon as the email address is verified.  (Is that right?)

The issue is, that email isn't getting sent.  All other forum emails - registration email validation, admin approval confirmation, password resets, etc. - are going out as they should.  I have confirmed I entered the inbound address correctly.  If someone could guide me on what I might have missed here, I'll be most appreciative!


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First thing to do here is likely check your spam folder. Then you may want to test your inbound email address itself (send a non-system message to that email address through outlook or other program). If that goes through, and emails telling you there are accounts needing approval doesn't, submit a ticket to IPS.

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