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Import Members into Club

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I need to import about 5,000 members into my site. I have the member broken up into multiple csv files based on what products they have purchased from us (on a separate website).

I have created paid clubs based on each product so that future customers can purchase access to those clubs (which contain the "products").

I would like to import those members into their respective clubs. 

First question is can I import members into specific clubs.

Second question is if I import the member twice, once as belonging to one club and then again belonging to another club, will this cause any issues and will the member belong to both clubs?

Third question is will the member be asked to pay for the club or the renewals?

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Well I got a staff answer. Thought I would share in case anybody else has this question:


I'm afraid that none of what you inquired about is directly possible unfortunately. You can import members in the AdminCP (duplicates will be skipped), but you cannot assign them to clubs during the import, and assigning to a club will not automatically generate renewal invoices.


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