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4.3 Gallery Responsive Layout Issues

The Old Man

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I've upgraded a couple of sites to 4.3.1 from 4.2.9 and found the new Gallery layout is broken on both when viewed from an iPad, where you have the masonry style image layout in Featured and New Images.

What I couldn't work out was why it's okay in the default theme but not my existing themes even when all templates and custom CSS were removed or reset to default.





After a few hours of testing, I found out the reason why. It's related to whether the sidebar is active or not, not whether you can actually see it or not.

If you have this issue, try adding a widget to the Gallery sidebar and it fixes the issues immediately. Or you can go to advertising settings and use the option to "Force the sidebar to display", it has the same effect. The images are nicely laid out.



However, if you use the option in the actual themes Custom menu to show sidebar in mobile or not, it has no effect.

I just tried the Fluid Width setting and if disabled, the layout is correct. If you re-enable fluid layout, it breaks it.


The above doesn't fix either the Featured Downloads slider (text layout) or Guest Widget layout issues (SSO buttons wrongly placed) though.

Has anyone else noticed these glitches or found a solution?






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I reported a very similar bug back when 4.3 was in beta but I don't know if any action was taken as the Bug Tracker is now non-public / removed.

It was only affecting me on Google Chrome desktop when browser zoom was set to 100%. The moment you reduce zoom to say 90% or 80% it would correct itself.

It didn't affect me on other browsers such as Firefox or Edge.

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