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ACP No Cookie

Niko Belger

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40 minutes ago, Christopher Anderson said:

 Have you tried different browsers or a different computer with the same result?  You may have some setting enabled or add-on that is messing with the login process.

This is a new install, immediately after the installer running. I've tried with multiple browsers and devices. My thinking is that it may have something to do with php-fpm and nginx, though I'm still exploring. The "NO_COOKIE" in the URL seems to indicate that there's an issue setting a cookie. I see cookies set on the client, so I'm wondering if the PHP session isn't being stored server-side properly.


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On 7/9/2018 at 2:52 AM, Niko Belger said:

They changed




So most likely your server name is not set correctly

Thank you for the lead on this!  In my case, I was having this exact issue (acp not being able to login and redirecting back with the NO_COOKIE url). It was due to my nginx site configuration ( server_name ) not being correct I changed this to match the forum domain and it logged me right in. 

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