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Copying my site for testing?


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I'm currently on 4.2.7. I'm looking to upgrade to 4.3.1.

I've copied both the FTP folder to a temporary test directory. I've copied the database to a new test one. I've edited the conf_global.php file to adjust the URL and newly copied database. However, something strange is happening. Even though the settings are adjusted to reflect the new temp URL and database, somehow when I'd go to update my test board my live forum would go offline (maintenance). I also noticed on my test board I copied, the theme had no images/css etc, I'd have to go to support to clear the cache, which would bring the theme back, but then mess up the theme on my live board.


How is this possible when I'm using a completely different URL and database, and my conf_global.php reflects those changes. Are there other settings I'm failing to change?

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