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Sharing to Facebook groups - "publish_action"


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I have been trying to configure my sharing options to include facebook groups for hours this evening, eventually contacting support of which I am awaiting response.

I'm still able to select my pages, and there is an option to share to multiple FB entities, but NO groups.

I found something interesting in the guide here;


A perticular permission to request is "publish_action"

After some digging, I find that it has in fact been depreceted, very recently.


I'm not sure if people who have sucessfully managed to get this working did so prior to April 24th, but It would seem the logical reason as to why it doesnt work at the moment.

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Confirmed with support that the groups API has been set to manul authorisation by FB, and that they are not currently reviewing.

Effectively makes this function useless unfortunately, unless (possibly) you have previosuly requested that permission.

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On 4/30/2018 at 1:29 PM, bfarber said:

Yes, Facebook has unfortunately halted permissions to post to groups (you can still post to pages) to my understanding.

How can we set this up? I'm trying to set up promotion for Facebook but signing in via FB is asking for a number of permissions, including 'publish_action', resulting in an error I can't get past:


There's no way to get past this error message as far as I can tell. It just loops.

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