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Exclude from primary activity stream


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I know it's possible to create extra streams, but it would also be pretty awesome if you could configure the default stream at /discover/ at the site and user level.

For instance, as an admin I might want to exclude a "Forum Games" forum from the primary activity stream, so that my members can still view and use it---but it doesn't flood the /discover/ page and flush out more important topics.

And as a member, I might have permissions to view a particular club and the topics active within (hence them appearing on my /discover/ list) but I may not be interested in the club or the activity within. Being able to exclude those items from my /discover/ feed would be very useful.

Settings might look like...

Forum/Club/Database/etc settings:

  • Excluded from primary activity stream (yes/no)
  • Member can exclude from primary activity stream (yes/no) - allow admin to decide whether a member can exclude the item or not (eg. members can't hide announcements forums, etc)

Group permissions:

  • Member can exclude items from activity stream (yes/no) - blanket permissions for particular groups
  • Member can exclude (item types) - per-type setting (clubs, forums, databases) for groups

Member settings (on page view for the relevant item):

  • Exclude from activity stream? (yes/no)


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