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Profile Posts Needs Changed


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But there are a lot informations confusing on the profiles page, I'd love to see a redesign coming up:

  • let members select what informations (tabs) are being presented first, f.e.
    # some want to show their "about me" section only
    # others want to present their members shop (=personal downloads shop)
    # others want to show their community awards
  • product/downloads sliders that only show the authors products/files
    # I'd love to see a fusion of profile page and a commercial member shop
  • a best-of/most reacted to content overview tab
    # in general, new users want to know for what the displayed user is famous for in the community
  • too much information in the quick info bar below the cover image -> use icons!
    # reduce text, f.e. I can see total contents, joined, last visit, real last activity, days won, coins... all these text elements should become small stylish icons. our users know what the icons mean and there could be a quick information text popup for further explanation onmouseover. new users won't care about these text informations anyway.
    # more icons, less text helps to achieve a much cleaner design 
    # leaderboard info (last day won on...) and reputation count should be placed in the quick info bar, too, instead of having separate confusing boxes
    # check the lithium profiles f.e., very minimalistic!
  • reactions totals overview
    # user hast gained W sad, X haha, Y thanks, Z thanks in total
    # different user quotas, f.e. "posts divided by positive reactions" or "last month (31 days) divided by positive reactions"
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