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How to revert all customization in a theme

Saurabh Jain

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13 hours ago, Saurabh Jain said:

I have currently installed only 1 theme  which name is 4.2 and I have upgraded the site to 4.3

how to make sure that the theme is also updated ...

how to revert all customization if there in the theme 

I also wanted a base theme like you.  What I did:

1.  Go to Themes

2.  Click top right button - Add Theme - (box pops up)

3.  Click on Manual Mode then Next

4.  Add information and Save

Hope this helps!

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4 minutes ago, USCJ Digital said:

Would reverting to a default theme wipe out settings such as colors, fonts, etc. choose through the AdminCP? Or would those settings be retained?

reverting a theme only wipe any custom changes to template and css and not settings via theme options that saved in your database.

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