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Where to change the Membername in 4.3?


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17 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

You can edit the name and email in your ACP by clicking on the name or email ?



Thank you Daniel. I forgot to say here that I did find the answer and posted it a third place her in the forum. Thank you for your time. May I advise you to keep the previous more intuitive approach somewhere too. 

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While direct-access functionality like this is nice, unless the user mouses over and happens to notice the tooltip, there is no indication the name or email address is an inline editable element.

Perhaps you should establish a visual standard (a jQuery plugin that is similar to what this does, X-Editable puts a dotted blue line underneath editable elements to indicate as such) for these kinds of elements so they will be more apparent to end users.

Also, keeping a traditional "details" edit page for user accounts with the name and email fields editable would aid in usability.

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