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"Important Information" guest bar with a custom wrapper


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I feel that sometimes an admin can be forced to use a custom page template. This is the case on Invision Community's own homepage. The default template imposes a container which makes it impossible to go full width with background colours, so the company is using a custom wrapper.

I'm in a similar position. For styling purposes, I can't use the default wrapper on some of my pages, including the landing one. But I still need to be able to show cookie information.

I've noticed in 4.3 a new template guestTermsBar, so have added that to my custom wrapper (which is just the globalTemplate minus a container). It's not working either if the page in question uses a custom template but works fine otherwise.

So my question is how to show the cookie bar when circumstances dictate that I can't use the globalTemplate. Shouldn't it really be as easy as adding the same template from the globalTemplate into the new one? If so, why isn't it working?

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