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4.4 - Rework Profile Photos

KT Walrus

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I'd like to see Profile Photos handled better in IPS4.4. Currently, you can upload only 1 photo and have it cropped with a primitive cropper (that doesn't work very good).

I propose something like this:

  1. Associate 2 albums with each Profile:
    1. Personal Photos
    2. Cover Photos
  2. Limit the max number of photos in the albums to an ACP setting
  3. Allow only the Profile owner to upload photos into these albums.
  4. Uploaded photos may be designated as private or public.
  5. Any photo in these albums may be cropped (using a much better cropper) into either Profile photo dimensions or Cover photo dimensions. Cropping would result in a new photo added to the album and not removing the original. This way, a person could crop a photo for both Profiles and Cover Photos (marking these private) and the original can be designated as public.
  6. The Profile owner may set their Profile Photo from selecting from the Personal Photos album. Any photo selected must have dimensions appropriate for Profile Photos (probably only square photos or the cropped version of a normal photo in the album).
  7. The Profile owner may similarly select a cover photo from the Cover Photos album when setting a Cover Photo throughout the suite. Only those photos with proper dimensions would be selectable as Cover Photos.

This proposal would give each member a place for sharing a limited number of photos on their profiles with other members and also serves as source for Profile and Cover Photos. I would also like to see a third "private" album associated with each Profile for Attachment photos/videos. These albums would only be visible to the Profile owner and would hold all other uploads of photos in the suite. This would potentially be a huge album if the user has uploaded as attachments many photos (so, the album needs pagination). 

Note the Attachment album is already supported in IPS4 so only making it clear that a Profile has 3 albums that the owner maintains for use in posting all photos throughout the suite. It shouldn't feel much different whether the photos are for Profile Photos, Cover Photos, or Attachments to posts.

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