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jpg image attachments are blurry on 4.3


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26 minutes ago, bfarber said:

You can configure the quality of image thumbnails in the AdminCP - is it possible your test board has a lower quality set compared to your live board? Or maybe you are using GD on one instance and ImageMagick on another?

Both test boards (still running vB live) are equal set up, using both GD, the 4.3 board has the setting "jpg quality" to 100%  the 4.28 is set to 85% but delivers a better image quality than the 4.3 board.

Even here on Invision it should show a better image quality as you see on my uploaded image in this post, the first jpg image was saved in Photoshop with 100%  quality setting and is showing up here now like you have set the slider in the AdminCP to 20%.

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51 minutes ago, bfarber said:

That second image looks fine to me tbh. It is a generated thumbnail after all. You could always use png if you are concerned about quality reduction in posted images.

The second image was just for comparison purposes to show how ugly jpg's are implemented in ips since 4.3.... 

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