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Show post for which user received a warn (even if deleted)

Vladimir Limonov

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I faced the following problem: each time me or moderators warn a user, they start a dispute regarding the content of the post. They claim that they didn't violate any rule even though it's not true. However, 99% of the time this post is removed/edited/hidden after a user was warned. BUT! If the post was edited, user can't see what was the problem with the post; same, if it was deleted; same, if it became hidden, because hidden post are visible for moderators only. Furthermore, moderators/administrators sometimes doesn't remember the content of the deleted post so they can't explain why user was banned.

It's possible to copy message text into the warning reason field but some posts could be pretty large while I want this field to be clear and informative. Moreover, it's a lost of manual job which I'd prefer to avoid.

My suggestion is to add an option to show the content of the post for which user been warned. The content of this post should remain untouched even if it was edited/removed after warn.

As a bonus: allow to highlight the part of the post which violates forum rules.

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