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Gallery "Add Note" function broken


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Hi everyone,

Since the support ticket I submited on this quite surprisingly resulted in a dismissive "I can't be bothered helping you with this" response, I thought I'd put it to you:

For some reason, when I visit an image in my Gallery and click the Add Note button, the note field appears way way below the image, and it's all messed up.  There's no way to drag it up to even remotely close to the image, whereas before, when it was working normally, it would appear on the image itself and you could then position it acordingly.  The problem I'm having is illustrated in the screenshot below (the Note field is down to the left of the Following window when it should be on the image).


I have this issue on Chrome, Opera and Firefox, irrespective of theme.  I also cleared my cache to no avail.

Anyone else have this issue and/or might be able to suggest a fix?  I'm really hoping my next step (disabling all apps/plugins) doesn't point to a conflict...Thanks!


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