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Multiple choices with image on custom profile field


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Hi, when I want to able multiple choices, with images to show and not only text, the code shown is wrong


It shows : 

<img src="/style_images/soccersfr/folder_post_icons/France - Bordeaux<br>Equipe Nationale - France<br>Equipe Nationale - Sénégal.png" alt="France - Bordeaux<br>Equipe Nationale - France<br>Equipe Nationale - Sénégal">

Instead of 

<img src="/style_images/soccersfr/folder_post_icons/France - Bordeaux.png" alt="France - Bordeaux"><br>
<img src="/style_images/soccersfr/folder_post_icons/Equipe Nationale - France.png" alt="Equipe Nationale - France"><br>
<img src="/style_images/soccersfr/folder_post_icons/Equipe Nationale - Sénégal.png" alt="Equipe Nationale - Sénégal">

Can you arrange that please ?

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