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Combination between Trophies, Points Economy and Automation Rules is pretty much the best you can do right now if you want to create a real and flexible gamification system. There are still some big limitations, for example the inability to work with reactions. 

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I am seeing a lot of point systems and don't know which is best and has the most integrations/uses.

There is a system I like on another forum I am a member of. They have apples and pie.

  • 20 apples = 1 slice of pie
  • 1 slice of pie = 1 month access to special forums and features (groups?)
  • you can give/sell apples or pie slices to other members for good forum posts/money.
  • pie slices can be purchased.
  • when someone sells a digital or physical product they are able to choose a price they want for their items and/or amount of PIE slices it would cost. (paid clubs?)

I would like something like this but that could be expanded even further.

Anybody have recommendations? Here are some of the applications I have found:



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Maybe a systems would look like this:

Members can buy points. Well say 1 point = $1 for an easy example.
Members can give points to other members for the content they enjoy. (Nice post, I agree, great blog post, etc etc).
Members can buy downloads, classifieds, courses (lms in development), paid clubs, etc with points or $. (points price set by content creator)
Members can exchange their points for $. This could be set to a different number than how much they buy the points for. So you can buy 1 point for $1 but you can exchange your points for $ at 1 point = $0.75. 

Now, how would an award system work with this?
1. Moderators or certain groups are allotted a certain amount of points every month that they can give away to others (but are not able to exchange).
2. After creating a certain amount of posts or receiving a certain amount of positive reactions (or completing a specific course) you are given a metal. That metal is worth a certain amount of points (maybe those points can only be given away and can't be exchanged?).

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Hi @Josiah Wallingford

you've already found the right apps in the marketplace ^^.

I've done quite a lot research and brainstorming how an advanced points system should be implemented.

Important for me is:

  • commercial features that overtop fun features
  • possibility to build fair and complex (enough) rules (and to avoid misuse)
  • continuous developer support (upgrades ~once a month) and listening to its customers demands

Before I will link you to my different threads and posts, I will comment the apps shortly in order of your post:

  1. Members Shop: currently probably the most advanced and easiest points app in the marketplace. Though it requires some improvements, it is ready to sell. Currently you can only have 1 points currency (restricted). The app contains an "easy points shop" already integrated and provides ready-to-go membergroup upgrade features as well as custom items or fun stuff. The developer is upgrading it regularily and is very professional about solving issues the community demands. My top favorite!
  2. Points Economy: currently the most flexible and most feature-rich app, that is achieved through the "automation rules" addon (<- you need to purchase both). But note 2 important aspects: as soon as you try to achieve more complex points rules, it becomes very tricky and hard to solve for general users. The documentation is lacking examples and there is no "user club" around it. I tested this tool quite a time and finally gave up. If you are an advanced programmer and code-experienced, you can give it a try. Another important fact is, that it currently doesn't work with reactions. That's a heavy nogo for me. If these problems (documentation, examples, reactions...) could be solved, this app would be a top player.
  3. Points: it had a good start with nice (initial) features ~6 months ago, but the developer didn't support it since then until now. The last version was in november 2017. There is almost no traffic in the developers support community anymore. Most of the customer suggestions were left behind or even unresponded. I wouldn't count on a steady ongoing development currently according to the very neglected status of the app. At the moment, I'm still using this app (connected to the members shop ^^), but I'm considering to drop it.
  4. Basic Points: as the name says: it's very basic and a "just for fun" app. It hasn't a lot features implemented at this point of time. For the "fun customers" it could be enough to get points for posting content to a site, but don't expect much more.

You can find one of my first comprehensive posts about professional points systems, that are ready to use for complex commercial use, here:

To help developers with functionality ideas, I also created "my official points thread" ? 

If the members shop app will be connected to automation rules one day, it will probably be the top app in the points universe.

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