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On 8/2/2018 at 6:10 AM, christopher-w said:

For those interested I am in the process of adding Isotope filtering and sorting to clubs. It's a more robust solution than attempt #1 above and will allow filtering and sorting based on a single custom field.

I'm almost there but am hitting jQuery conflicts. If anybody wants to help me solve these, I can release the code for others to use.

Here's Isotope for those of you not familiar with it.




Send me a PM and I will have a look into this option. 

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Well, if Invision won't add Categories there are always the CLubs Enhancements or Improved Clubs marketplace apps....which, as I understand it, are to be merged into one.

Any information on this?  I am contemplating moving away from Collabs due to the ridiculously low and flippant level of support and would love to see this additional functionality.

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