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Group Promotions - Few extra filter options, please!

The Old Man

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I've found Group Promotions a little buggy in 4.2.8, really hoping its improved in 4.3.0.

For instance, I had a new member who had posted 3 or 4 times in one of my community forums, but who was never automatically promoted after more than 3 days had gone by, it still said he was in a 'New Members (Not yet posted) Group' that I'd set up for brand new members. Yet other new members were moved as expected into my first members group, after posting just once.

The promotion filters could perhaps benefit from the addition of a less than X days ago option and a way to select more than x AND less than Y posts/content, I think the promotions could be simpler and then work more reliably.

An option to enable scheduling of automatic deletion/deactivation after X days for members who haven't visited more than x days/years ago would be useful to. You're then not keeping people's information for longer than is needed.

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