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Changes in login form in 4.3

Adriano Faria

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So I have a couple of resources that uses login form.With all changes in 4.3, it uses a "hardcoded" template and there's no way to remove options like Remember Me, Sign in anonymously and Forgot your password?, at least I didn't find it.

		$url = \IPS\Http\Url::internal( 'app=core&module=system&controller=settings&area=linkedaccounts', 'front', 'settings_linkedaccounts' );
		$login = new \IPS\Login( $url, \IPS\Login::LOGIN_ACP );
		$error = NULL;

Tried to change the login type to ACP, UCP, no change at all. ACP for example, only has USERNAME and EMAIL, exactly what I need, but I change it there and see no change in template.

				<div class='cLogin_single'>
				{{if $error}}
					<p class="ipsMessage ipsMessage_error">{lang="$error"}</p>
					<div class="{{if !request.isAjax()}}ipsBox{{endif}} ipsPad">
						{template="loginForm" app="core" group="system" params="$login"}



Is that right? That's how it will work now?


EDIT: Admin CP uses another template from (admin).

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