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Auto Wordpress News Post

David Le Gresley

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I have been searching but cannot find anyone talking about this.

What I am interested in is a plugin for WordPress that auto posts news to a designated area in my IPB for our Fishing Club website/forum.

For example; If I post a news update about a certain fishery on the WordPress site it automatically posts this to Facebook and Twitter, but then I have to post it again manually on the Forum.

Can anyone help with this? I am not technically minded so please go easy with me


Many Thanks

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On 4/9/2018 at 4:07 PM, David Le Gresley said:

Very helpful @Nathan Explosion thank you very much. I have managed to do that and its working. Using this method is there a way to bring across the images or having more control over how its laid out? Is there some sort of plugin for this?

I am in the process of leaving Wordpress for IPB for one of our sites and I used the RSS tool to import the posts into the blog app on the IPB. Images within the post - including galleries - have followed into the IPB site making it look really nice. The only downside has been the featured image which I had to update manually. 

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