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4 hours ago, bfarber said:

We do not natively supported threaded replies. We did with 3.x and over the years it was less and less desired, so we eventually removed support for it.

Since not all websites have the same needs... it would seem prudent to have it as an option for some rather chatty communities.

Facebook decided to implement them.... so we can say with some certainty that there still is some demand for threaded replies.

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I would love threaded replies to be an option, many major popular social networks/community sites support such a thing. When someone posts something interesting, someone may want to dive in and reply to that post specifically and often healthy discussions happen around a single post. Plus it's more convenient to the reader to see any/all replies to a specific post by clicking a little bit under that says "5 people have replied to this comment" or "3 people have replied" and see the replies underneath as opposed to having to scroll through pages of posts until they find one with a quote to the post they were interested in.

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