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Cookie Consent Feature


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Consent (Articles 7&8):

Consent obtained from users must be explicit and verifiable (opt-in). In getting consent for data use, you may not use overly complicated or indecipherable terms/ wording —this includes legalese and unnecessary jargon. This means that privacy notices must be laid out legibly (see ours here) using understandable language and clauses so that users are clear on what they’re consenting to. Consent for children under 13 must be given by a legal guardian using verification measures (e.g, control questions) and in general, it must be as easy for users to withdraw consent as it is for them to give it.

Because consent is such an important issue under the GDPR, it is mandatory that you keep detailed records of consent. The records should contain details of when and how consent was obtained and exactly what the user was told at the time.


Consent must be opt-in and not opt-out. 

This means information of what cookies the site uses is not enough. The user must be able to choose which cookies accepts to use and which cookies it does not accept. 

Just an example of how it should work:


@Lindy @Matt @Charles any though about this? As i understand, currently even on IPS 4.3.0, it only shows information of the cookies the site will use and and not an opt-in feature like GDPR requires. 


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