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Problem Bulk Mail (IP.Board 3.4.5)


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i have a problem with bulk mail, i hv change hosting with Siteground, but don't work, i think there are a bugs

Sitegroung support confirm that there are no problem and contact IPB  

Pls let me know urgently if there are some bugs

Vers. IP.Board 3.4.5


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3.4.5 is no longer supported.  Bulk mail has always generally worked.  It's likely a configuration setting within your mail settings is set up incorrectly or your new server is blocking the ports being used to send mail.

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I'm afraid that (1) this forum is not for technical support (there are client-only forums here available for that, as well as the client area available to all clients), and (2) there is no technical support available for 3.4.x any longer.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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