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Permission Issue


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I have a Category called Executive with a forum called General Discussion.

i have a user Group called Executive

Members of the Executive group can not access the forum however.  

What have I done wrong?




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If you've restricted parts of your forum with a minimum content count, that restriction may have been automatically set (or you may have set it inadvertently) to block people who aren't above that minimum count from being able to view the forum. This will block them from viewing the forum regardless of if their specific group is meant to be able to view it and all the permissions are set.


There's also a similar setting under "posting requirements" on the "posting settings" tab of each forum's settings.

If you remove that restriction it should fix the problem.

You should double check by logging in as a new test user that has been given that member group.

(I know this is a bit late but I had a similar problem and figured I might add in how I fixed it, if this was the problem).

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