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Background to Transparent

Noah F

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6 hours ago, Noah F said:

Joy Rex, 

Thank you for the help, I have coded that now how would I upload that to all the pages on my website?


Thankyou again.

You would put any custom CSS in when you are editing your theme using Easy Mode:


From there, you would add your custom CSS to the Custom CSS area:


I find using your browser's built-in developer tools (like in Google Chrome, you can right-click and choose "Inspect Element" and a panel will appear that will highlight the code and you can then see the IDs and classes used to style the element) to find the element you want to customize  - for example, if you wanted to make the main content wrapper for the board transparent and set it to a dark gray with 50% transparency:

#ipsLayout_contentWrapper {
   background: rgba(125,125,125,.5);

I would recommend reading up on how to use Chrome's Developer Tools, and use it on other websites to learn how they achieved certain techniques and looks you might want to use on your own site.


Good luck!

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5 minutes ago, Noah F said:

Hey Joy, 

It doesn't show that for me. 


1719550615_Screenshot(120).thumb.png.4e06c99bba11a96506ff5139de6d393f.pngSo when I press new it automatically crashes and say invalided IP.

Reason not showing is because Noah was showing the 'Easy' option when creating a new skin (you get option of Easy or Manual and looks like you chose Manual

you need to add to the custom.css that is showing in your screenshot

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