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New Members Avatars Broken


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For IPS 4.2.8:

This is an issue with Facebook Profile Pictures. We have released a patch for this . Please run the support tools and apply the latest patch files which should fix the issue.

please keep in mind that you’ll NOT see it immediately fixed, it will take some time till the task has run and synced the pics.


For 4.3 Beta:

fixed in the next beta :)

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The fix is only for new members or maybe when they sign in again. Thus, all 'corrupted' files will still be there, resulting in Apache Errors (access denied), which results in 100% of my members getting ip-banned by fail2ban (default check)!

Just contacted support about this, thus far leaving me with the problem...

So, if you use fail2ban, check the banned ip account ?

A solution would be to remove the avatars which are broken and sync them on the next login, would be quite simple for IPS to make a query for this right?

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7 minutes ago, PC-fre@k said:

I applied it 46 hours ago, while updating to 4.2.8. (which was after the release of the patch)

I do however see improvement, some accounts I've seen with broken avatars are now OK. Guess this might take even longer. 

Thanks for confirmation. How are you running the tasks ? If you’re running them via a crib job it should proceed quite fast, if via visitors or the web it’s going to take longer. If you want , you could try to run the task yourself within the acp several times 

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It's done via visitors, even with several users around it takes longer than I thought.
Bit by bit every avatar gets fixed, I will just let it do it's thing. Seems to get faster by the hour.

It's clear to me now (compared to my first response), it just takes (some) time to get all avatars automatically fixed. Support wassen't quite clear on that.

Thanks for your help! :)

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Just now, Daniel F said:

Sorry, there’s no patch available which would fix only this. Why would you not want to update to the recent version?

Plugins that are not compatible with this version, I'm waiting for it to become more stable.

Does it not solve even if I re-upload the facebook handler files?

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