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Personal Message System lacks functionality


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Just played a bit on my test board. In my inbox folder are around 20 thousand messages from the last ten years. 

If I want to reach a message from the beginning or some years ago I have to scroll down maybe 500 hours.  This is not well designed and should be improved. 

Search for messages doesn't work right also if they are older than maybe 6 months. Mass selection of searched messages should be also possible. Thanks.

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2 minutes ago, bfarber said:

The behavior is pretty similar to how Facebook messages works - typically users don't need to reach the beginning...they're just working with the most recent messages.

I don't use Facebook so I can't compare, but I don't see an advantage over a system with pagination. It's not really a better usability like it is now in my opinion. 

Just tested it on mobile,there is a pagination. So non typical users must use a mobile phone to reach older messages...

A good usability should include typical and non typical user behaviors. Especially the long time members and power users, those members who are the asset of every forum are mostly "non typical" user.

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On 5/23/2018 at 10:13 PM, ASI said:

Is this EVER going to improve or not? Clearly ElasticSearch isn't enabled on PMs. And now searches are limited to only 1 year old.

this is really inmportant for a  lot of users, especially for mature communities. Will the search in the PMs will be fixed/improved?

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