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Default Avatars appear when sharing a Topic to Facebook.

Allen Bradford

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....Default Avatars appear when sharing a Topic to Facebook.

I have a private Facebook Group only used as a supplement to my main IPS Board. Only Members of the Board are Members and activity is modest by design. Occasionally I will Share an interesting Topic from the Board to that FB Group. It seems that the link always has a default Member Avatar as part of the linked Topic; The square colored block with a letter Avatar. Other times there is no Avatar at all in that Link. 

Many Members that participated in a particular Shared Topic have loaded personal Avatars, which would look more attractive and in context in that FB Topic link. It doesn't seem to matter if the OP did or doesn't have a personal Avatar or where the first default Member Avatar appears in the thread. It Shares with a Default Avatar. I'd prefer it links with an actual photo Avatar or always with none at all.

Any thoughts? 



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