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Pages template update function


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Until now, Pages templates, e.g. the ones I sell on the Marketplace, cannot easily be upgraded. 


  • the installation of a new version doesn’t update the old one and both versions exist next to each other which makes it kind of messy
  • or the user needs to manually delete every template first, which can be cumbersome for larger template sets and the user might make mistakes

And in both cases, after the new template versions are installed, they all need to be manually assigned again to every database or block that used them. 

I propose to add an update function to improve that:
When templates are uploaded and an older version is detected (through a matching template name and type), the user is asked “Update existing” or “Keep existing”. When “update” is chosen, the old versions are replaced and continue to work for the databases/blocks that used them already. 

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Would be a good idea

Another idea (for SuperHelp as no idea if others use same method) would like to suggest is to use the Pages css instead of adding the css in where the custom.css is (have no need for it there if using only on Pages)

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