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Commerce PayPal Setup Help


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Hi there,

I'm having trouble setting up PayPal and would love some help if anyone has any suggestions.

I am offering a recurring subscription and am happy to have this occur either via a BIlling Agreement or Direct Card payment.

I have checked my Paypal developer account and my LIVE app is eligible and active for recurring payments.

PayPal is added as an option in IPS AdminCP and my API LIVE credentials are entered successfully.

For some reason, the payment option for PayPal does not appear on the checkout.  I have tried different option combinations in the PayPal payment page in IPS.

No luck.

Any help is appreciated, if possible.

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Thanks so much @AlexWright ? 

I now have it showing, but only if I choose no billing agreement and not by card.

In other words, it will only charge the subscription fee once and not recurring.

Am I missing something?

It appears to be all checked and approved for subscriptions in the Paypal developer center, but its as if it isn't.

I have it working fine with Stripe.

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