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Database Pages - buttons for email and pm


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I am working on a Marketplace in Pages and would like to have the following to make it easy to contact the person who posted the record/marketplace ad.

Email: when creaitng a fiedl, you can set the data type to email. But that displays the email address in plain text on the page. And this may be a magnet for spam bots. I would like to have a button the visitor can click so their email client opens up with a new emails where the email address and subject field is automatically filled in.

PM: You can hover over the member's user name and you will see a small window open where you can click Message to start a new PM to that person. I would like to have a button similar to the email above where it opens a new PM and fills in the user name and subject. You can create a URL field and require the user to enter their member number but that's confusing. i.e. http://website.com/messenger/compose/?to=5

I am not sure if this is possible and haven't found something like this after some searches. Anyone can point me in the right direction or suggest a way how to accomplish this?


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Doesn’t need a field at all. You can just create that Messanger link from the record owner ID. That’s how I would do it. Needs custom code of course. There is no stock option. 

Except the regular user hover card, which by the way already contains a message button. 

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