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Wants to add a drop down field on new Topic editor page


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Hello , i am a newbie here  I installed Invision community forum. I want to add a drop down on "New Topic ' Pagee after Title.( see the attached image)

I am unable to find any thing in settings to add a custom field Drop down. Please help me out .




New Topic.png

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On "Create New Topic

just below the Title text box.


1 hour ago, Adriano Faria said:

It can be a plugin or even this:


which plug in, Could you please let me know?

1 hour ago, opentype said:

From where exactly?

On "Create New Topic 'Page 

just below the Title text box.

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21 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

What I meant is that it can be ANY plugin, a custom plugin, etc.

Thanks , Actually I need following custom fields on 'New topic " Page 

  1.  Title  (Already exist)
  2. Category ( a drop down with pre-defined values)
  3. Product url link ( Text box)
  4. Product MRP ( Text Box)
  5. Product discount price(text box)
  6. Shop ( Drop down with pre-defined values)
  7. Editor ( Already exist)

Does Template System 1.0.2 fulfill the my above requirements ?

How the database connection will work for new fields ?

Does the configuration of this plug in needs any programming silks?


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