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You can still specify on a per-group basis if members can edit their own images and comments, delete their own images and comments, and you will also now be able to specify whether they can delete their own albums or not.

For the life of me, I cannot find where I can set members to be able to delete their own images and comments.  The only settings I have under the Gallery tab when I go to group options are these:



If someone can offer me guidance on where I can find the settings that allow members to delete their own images at least, I'd appreciate it.

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1 hour ago, Joel R said:

It's in the ACP > Members > Group settings.  

You need to adjust on a per-group setting.  

Yeah I know, and the screenshot shows the "Gallery" tab settings I see when I go to edit a group's options/permissions.  The only delete permission it lets me set is on albums, not individual images.

When I go to the "Content" tab and scroll down to the Deleting section, these are the only options I can choose for the "Can delete own content?" setting:



Unless "Items" refers to Gallery content?  I've gone through every tab in the group settings and I'm not finding anything that lets me allow groups to delete their own images in the gallery.


Edit: I figured out the issue.  The group I needed to change it for wasn't ticked on having access to the module and now "Images" show up on the content list.  Thanks!

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