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Can't turn on pages gateway on root domain, is on subdomain

Ryan M

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I currently have my forums in http:// subdomain.domain.com however subdomain is actually a folder of domain (www.folder.com/subdomain). and I would like to use the Pages Gateway function so that when people go to my website at www.eotir.com they can be routed at the Forum CMS/Pages site accordingly as if my forum was set up as a subfolder an not a subdomain.

The problem is when I go to Pages, then click on Advanced settings in order to set the Gateway, I get this message: "Your Invision Community suite is already installed at the root of your domain." This is only partially true because it is at the root of a subdomain, not the root domain. Any suggestions or ideas on how to get around this? 


Did I post this in the right forum? Should I have posted this in Peer to Peer Support instead?



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This won't work on a subdomain, and root domain I'm afraid, it's actually not something that is recommended or supported anymore. It was a feature to serve pages from the root domain and forums from /forum or /community etc. before we had the ability to serve the software from one directory properly.

We recommend that you locate the software in the root of the domain, then set pages as the default app, then it would be served from domain.com and your forums app would be served from /forums 


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