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REST API to warn users


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I’m the administrator of a community that has an integrated Discord Server with linked accounts. To help with community moderation, I would find a great addition to be the ability to warn users via the REST API.

For example, if a member of our community spans our Discord server, I would want to warn that user for spamming. I have a Discord bot that could easily interact with the API to allow Discord moderators to do this without having to grant them moderator access on the community.

Even is this method was limited to pre-defined offenses with set point values, the ability to handle moderation in an expanded community like ours with ease would be tremendously helpful.

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@Misley It's a past discord! I have the community Discordians I would like to have the integration of the synchronization of roles with the forum and the discord (Example put is role of moderator in the community forums and server by a previously authorized bot puts the user the same role of the forum. There is a plugin to do that but its author left it abandoned since the new version 4.3.0 no longer correctly synchronizes the roles. :( As we can do I support what you are asking for.

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